Let's Machine Translate Our Website!

Tuesday, October 26, 16.00 Paris, 10.00 New York time

You must be very brave to allow raw machine translation without human review to feature prominently on your website. Or, very savvy!

To MT or not to MT is a calculation of risk and reward. All-English websites without localization fall short of expectations of international customers, because visitors cannot find content they need in their language.

Manual localization creates requirements of budget, turnaround times, publishing calendars and scale. Machine translation appears as the middle ground, but it can also mean walking on thin ice.

In this webinar, researchers Dr. Arle Lommel and Konstantin Dranch and eCommerce localization leader Martina Pancot will discuss cases where raw machine translation on a website can be feasible.

Key Topics

‣ Localization depth & User Experience correlation

‣ Benchmarking traffic & SEO gains from raw MT

‣ Blogs, eCommerce, Case Studies: what to MT?

‣ Quality level impact on marketing KPIs.

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